Thursday, April 18, 2002

Thursday, April 18th 2002

I had a bike wreak today on the road. It cut open my finger and scraped my elbow. We got two new cars, one for Naomi and one for Mom. Tomorrow is Andrew Bretts b-day party. I’m also starting to mow Joshua school again. I feel free now and I’m looking forward to driving. On the other hand I’m intimidated of public school, at the same time I’m exited. I feel crazy and loony and just aaaaahhhhhhh, I don’t now what to expect when I grow up. We are even thinking about moving because we didn’t get the land next to us. My favorite show on TV is Small Ville, it is a show about superman as a teenager, I feel like I can relate to it some how. And I really like the introductory song. It’s 10:00pm and I have to take a shower.