Thursday, April 4, 2013


This Sunday I got the worst case of poison ivy I've ever had in my life. It showed up on my face Easter Sunday and grew progressively worse during the next 3 days.

My right eye completely swollen shut; I had little patients for anyone around me. I was irritable, uncomfortable, and upset... to say the least.

Finally, I broke down and went to a local clinic for a steroid shot.

As the swelling slowly went down I began to realize how foolish I looked. Not just my face and attitude, but during a time when my Savior sacrificed His life so selflessly, I spread my pain like poison to those around me.

I made sure I was not the only one to suffer from my ill health. Like a child throwing a tantrum, I festered in my misery.

And now, quite literally, my eyes have been opened.

I claim to love my God with all my heart and to obey His Word, yet I am so quick to turn when such momentary discomfort is imposed.

How small of a man am I?

God, I truly am a humbled man. Please take this poison from my veins that I may speak only life, rejoicing in your everlasting goodness and mercy!

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