Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thoughts On Paper

When I sleep, I don't close my eyes 
When I dream, I see memories of a summer
When I love, I can't help but sleep

If I could write a song, I’d write it just for you
It would have deep meaning of value

Because what I lack in my voice, I make up in my heart
I'm not a musician, but I try so hard

Oh, I have dreams of you, I am singing to you

To be able to speak, with such melody
That's all I ask, is that you listen to me

We stay in the apartment, from day until the dust
We wake up like the owl, food always was a must
Late nights with the city lights
Just other cars and passing bars
It's the simple things that make us who we are...

Who we were... when the leaves had more color
And I was much stronger...