Saturday, June 16, 2012


You're my sweet Coca-Cola.
I think about you all the time.
If only I had a dime.
I'd come up with something to rhyme.

You're what I crave.
Night after night, I slave.
Working on myself.
Not worrying about my wealth.

I fall apart,
putting back the pieces to my heart.

Replacing all my doubt
with "it's what life's about".

Sticky, licky, sugar.

Letting Go

I save your name in my mind for all my life.
It may be in vain to wait for you to be my wife.

I tell myself I'm obsessed,
just to close my eyes and rest,
and that it's for the best.
But deep down I never gave up.

I tell myself I am only hurting me.
By holding on, I'm not setting myself free.
In the end I'll be left battered,
my heart, like glass, gets shattered.

I'm not afraid to let go like a child.
I know I'm strong and wild.
I care a lot, at times, to a fault.

Since I was born, I knew how to love.
This zeal is nothing to fear, it was sent from above.