Monday, January 31, 2011

The Art of Seduction

Lately I've been staying up late watching foreign films, most of them French, and I mentioned one of them to a friend of mine. It's about a young man who has trouble discerning dreams from reality. This man is trying to win the heart of a young woman who lives in the adjacent apartment from him. A man at his work keeps giving him chauvinistic advise to stop being a chicken and just sleep with her. He uses the word "seduce" a few times in the film. I was explaining to my friend how it was slightly difficult to understand which parts of the film were meant to be strange and which parts were odd because of the difference in culture.
A few days later that same friend and I went to the movie theatre. We watched a "psyochosexual thriller" that's portrayed in a very artsy way. One of the main male characters (whom I think was suppose to be French) "seduces" the lead actress, but honestly, it looked more forced than captivating.
After the movie, we talked about how the movie portrayed seduction and my friend asked if that's what I though seduction was. Since I told him about that French film, and since he thought French people were suppose to be the romantic ones, he wondered if seduction actually looked closer to the movie... closer to rape.
Seduction is power without force, confidence without arrogance, and trepidation without fear. I told him that I thought the movies had it all wrong. "Yes," I thought, "seduction is all these things... but not forced."
What do I know though, I'm not French.