Thursday, September 23, 2010


The quiet music builds. I've forgotten the peace of mind in grace. I lift up my voice as a cry for freedom from the standards and quotas of this world. The atmosphere is radically changed. My soul delights. Water bursts from the everlasting springs to remind me how little I understand. I am humble once again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Same As Yesterday

I want that secret someone. I want that girl I can't stand to be away. I want to come home to my apartment, take off my shoes, drop the weight of the world and lay next to her. I want to wake up knowing she stayed near me while I dreamt. Her presence alone guards off my fears.

The more I live, the less I see this coming true. It seems every month my hopes get more and more faint. I get close to a girl with optimism of a different outcome and am disappointed with the same.

I want to give up. I feel foolish for expecting something different. I want it to rain. I want the world to go grey and leave me alone in my bed. I want sleep to drown me if I could only close my eyes.