Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

 I have always felt that this night is very critical to be doing something spectacular but after tonight... I feel like it's just another night. A good friend of mine gave me this advise that I found to be quite helpful.

"[New Years] is always built up to be an exciting night, but it really isn't. Normal nights without expectations are more fun so you should just stay at home, save your gas money and make a cake."

Well... my friend was right in my case. When I put too many expectations on this night, it usually ends badly. So I spent this New Year in my home town with friends I grew up with... getting into a little trouble making sparkler bombs and lighting fireworks.

I've never had a "New Year kiss" and I guess I'm going to wait yet another year for that to happen. Hope you all stay safe to live another year.

Happy New Year