Thursday, February 24, 2011

50 Reasons Why I'm A Catch

1. I am friendly.
2. I clean without being asked.
3. I'm naturally warm blooded (like a space heater).
4. I don't get migraines.
5. I know how to say the alphabet backwards, slowly.
6. I can believe it's not butter.
7. I hate Nickleback.
8. I know how to make fire.
9. I have battle scars.
10. My palms get sweaty when I get nervous.
11. My favorite movie is Stranger than Fiction.
12. I'm not good at first shooter video games.
13. I know how many megabytes are in a gigabyte.
14. My favorite color is green because of my 1st grade crush.
15. The U.S. economy doesn't stress me out.
16. I can fix your stubbed toe.
17. I enjoy cooking.
18. I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie-pop.
19. I've never seen High School Musical.
20. I'm not a good lier.
21. I sing in the shower.
22. I like to spoon.
23. I've never lost at Monopoly.
24. I can relate.
25. I can fix it.
26. ...because you're worth it.
27. I'm Irish... yet sensitive.
28. I can always ring the carnival bell.
29. I won't donkey punch you.
30. I'm not on Megan's List.
31. I'm not the deadliest catch, but I'm pretty witty.
33. I can run a marathon.
34. I don't get motion sickness.
35. I live in the state of Chuck Norris (literally).
36. I dream in color.
37. I've never won at Hungry Hungry Hippo.
38. I will never "let you win" at Hungry Hungry Hippo.
39. I'll half stand every time you leave the table.
40. I always walk closest to the road.
41. My shoulder is more absorbent than a tissue.
42. I was born with a hand like Spiderman.
43. I know ballet.
44. I will be your tiny dancer.
45. I built a house.
46. I'm a brick house.
47. I've eaten green eggs and ham... and liked it.
48. I avoid getting caught in the rain but would cherish it with you.
49. I don't like pneumonia.
50. I'm single.